Look Years Younger With a Surgery-Free Thread Lift

Have you noticed more wrinkles or drooping on your skin? If so, you’re probably wondering what to do about them. If facelifts aren’t for you, consider a thread lift. It’s a safe and effective way to lift your skin and keep it tightened, without having surgery.

At Boat Club Medical Spa, Dr. Jerry Davis and Kasey Murphy both specialize in surgery-free thread lifts. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering this life-changing treatment.

How thread lifts work

Thread lifts use dissolvable thread to lift and rejuvenate your skin. The threads are made from the same material as surgical sutures, so they’re completely safe. During your procedure, one of our doctors will thread the sutures through your skin, which lifts and tightens it.

Thread lifts offer both immediate and ongoing results. The sutures instantly lift your skin, and as they dissolve, it stimulates collagen production.

Collagen is an important protein in your skin. It helps heal wounds, support skin structure, and improves elasticity. Thread lifts naturally provide anti-aging results without the need for surgery.

Boat Club Medical Spa knows every patient wants different results, which is why we use three types of thread: Barbed PDO threads, Non-Barbed PDO threads, and Silhouette InstaLift. Each one targets a specific area and problem on your face.

Barbed PDO thread

Barbed PDO thread provides the most lift to your skin. It gives it more structure because little barbs on the thread can gather more skin for lifting. This type of thread is ideal for patients who want to improve sagging cheeks or jowls.

Non-barbed PDO thread

Non-barbed thread is better for improving wrinkles and adding volume to your skin. This thread also helps your skin produce more collagen.

Silhouette InstaLift

Silhouette InstaLift uses small cones on the thread to hook deeper layers of skin tissue. It’s ideal for treating contours that appear in your mid-face. It’s a longer procedure, around 45 minutes, but the long-lasting results are worth it.

The advantages of a thread lift

Aside from being surgery-free and using your skin’s natural healing process, thread lifts hold many advantages.

One such advantage is the recovery time. It’s practically nonexistent. Unlike a facelift, there’s no sedation or incisions. While you might experience a little swelling or soreness, it won’t impact your daily tasks. Most patients can even return to work right after their procedure.

Thread lifts are safe to use with dermal fillers and botox, too. You can receive a full facial rejuvenation in a quick, hassle-free way.

Improve your skin without surgery

At Boat Club Medical Spa, you can effectively improve loose or sagging skin with a thread lift. Do you want younger-looking skin? Visit our website today to schedule an appointment at our office in Fort Worth, Texas.

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