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If you’ve ever considered a facelift but ultimately decided it was too invasive or expensive, Boat Club Medical Spa has good news. From the comfort and convenience of their Fort Worth, Texas, office, Jerry Davis, DO, and Kasey Murphy, PA-C, offer nonsurgical PDO thread treatments and Silhouette InstaLift™ to lift your skin and deliver dramatic anti-aging results. To learn more about PDO thread lifts, call their office or schedule your appointment online.

Thread Treatment Q & A

What is a thread treatment?

If you’ve noticed your features looking increasingly saggy or droopy as you age, this treatment could be for you. It relies on safe, dissolvable threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) or polyglycolide/L-lactide to lift and tighten the skin virtually anywhere your face needs a pick-me-up.

Thread treatments are safe and effective. They’re made of the same materials doctors have long used for surgical sutures and they dissolve in your skin over time. When Kasey or Dr. Davis thread one of these threads through your skin, it immediately lifts the area and continues to deliver skin-transforming results.

What are the benefits of a thread treatment?

The thread treatment delivers two types of results: immediate and ongoing.

Immediate results

Because Dr. Davis and Kasey literally thread these materials through your skin, the threads give them the ability to lift any areas that need it, including drooping eyebrows or lids and sagging cheeks or jowls. The thread provides your skin with the additional structural support it needs to move into a more youthful-looking position.

Ongoing results

As the thread dissolves into your skin, it encourages the production of a new network of collagen. Collagen is the protein in your skin that helps it stay supported, taut, and elastic. Because a thread treatment kickstarts your body’s production of new, healthy collagen, it delivers natural facial rejuvenation.

Successive treatments can help your skin produce more and more collagen for longer-lasting results.

What types of thread treatments are available?

The Boat Club Medical Spa team knows that everyone’s skin is different, as are their aesthetic goals. They offer several thread treatments so patients can achieve their desired look.

Barbed PDO threads

With small barbs protruding from the PDO thread, this treatment gives the skin an additional lift and more structural framework to defy gravity and look youthful.

Non-barbed PDO threads

For patients more concerned with smoothing wrinkles than lifting skin, threads without barbs are ideal. Kasey and Dr. Davis use non-barbed threads to smooth nasolabial folds and smoker’s lines, plump thinning lips, and more.

Silhouette InstaLift

Could the contours in your mid-face use a lift? If so, Silhouette InstaLift treatments are designed to do exactly that, rejuvenating your appearance.

Thread treatments can be combined with Botox and dermal fillers to give you a complete facial refresh without the need for any surgery.

Are you ready for a minimally invasive facelift? If so, call Boat Club Medical Spa or schedule your appointment online to get started with your thread treatment.